What is PERES?

PERES is the world’s first portable “electronic nose” – a unique and innovative device and mobile application which enables users to determine the quality and freshness of:

It is designed to detect:

  • whether a product is fresh
  • whether it is hazardous to health
  • whether there is a risk of food poisoning
  • whether it has been left unrefrigerated for some time

Who should use PERES?

PERES is ideally suited for people who are keen to ensure that they are providing themselves and their families with healthier foods, and to consume only the best quality products. Using PERES at the market before purchasing a product can give users valuable information before buying; PERES can also be used on food products that have already been bought to ascertain whether they are still safe to consume, thereby potentially reducing food wastage.

How does PERES work?

More than 100 different volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be detected in the near vicinity of decomposing beef, pork, poultry and fish, some of which can be used as indicators of freshness.

PERES sensors detect volumes of VOCs in the sample, and readings are then adjusted taking into account temperature and humidity. These data are used to calculate findings and results.

Users control PERES, start the sampling process, analyse the results of readings and share their experiences with friends just by interfacing with a user-friendly environment on their phone or tablet.

Why is PERES needed?

More than 200 diseases are spread through food
(World Health Organization)

In the USA, 76 million cases of foodborne illness (resulting in 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths) are estimated to occur each year
(World Health Organization)

One out of three people living in industrialized countries may be affected by foodborne illness each year
(World Health Organization)

Around 5.5 million people in the UK suffer from food poisoning each year and, among these, 4.2 million believe that their illness was caused by food eaten outside the home
(Food Standards Agency)

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